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 Welcome to Historic Cobblestone Farm, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Spring 2017 Newsletter

Building on the site's domestic and agricultural heritage, guests are engaged in rich sensory experiences based on a farm family's journey through the seasons and the years.

Recognizing both the historic and educational potential of this resource, a partnership between the City of Ann Arbor and the Cobblestone Farm Association was formed over thirty years ago. Working together, these entities integrate authentic artifacts, stories and lives which capture the spirit of mid-nineteenth century living.

Join us in opening a window into the past by participating in special programs such as:

  • Guided Tours
  • Living History Days
  • Harvest Evening
  • Michigan Log Cabin Day
  • Celebration of Independence
  • Country Christmas
  • Spring on the Farm
  • Pioneer Living Program
  • Organic Farm Market (Farm Market Web Site)

We also invite you to become a member and a volunteer! Dedicated and hard-working individual serve as interpretive guides, while others assist with continual research, gardening, and costuming responsibilities.

In addition to the above events, OPEN hours are also Thursday from 10 AM to 11 AM and by request

Cobblestone Farm Association is proud to be listed as a Top Fun Thing to Do in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

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