Cobblestone Farm Association
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Mission Statement
Officers and Boards
Annual Meeting

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CFA committees establish goals, seek support and enthusiasm:

Supporters of Ann Arbor’s historic farm museum can bring their interests and talents to help the Farm meet its Goals toward fulfilling the Mission of the Association:

“ provide an example of a Washtenaw County farmstead, showing aspects of its evolution as a cultural landscape from early settlement in the nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century, and by demonstrating agricultural, architectural, domestic, religious, and social customs and activities across time, to create an increased awareness of the contribution this historic resource makes to the strength and vitality of the community.”

Call the CFA to show your interest and support. The committee chair will return your call with open and heartfelt enthusiasm.

Twenty challenges await you––and the officers and committees of the Cobblestone Farm Association:

Executive Officers

Finalize operational guidelines with City officials
Establish a house rental policy with City
Create an operational budget

Special Events/Living Historyi Restore quarterly events
Saturday open houses
Develop self-guided walking tour
Period clothing for docents
Establish cooperative relationship with Rentschler and Sutherland/Wilson farm museums, Parker Mill and Sharon Mill
Develop an interpretation plan

Quarterly newsletter
Website maintenance
Develop marketing outreach

Monitor house maintenance
Replicate chicken coop
Document historic site on CAD
Update and display archeological collection w/ time lines
Emergency lighting in house to meet insurance recommendations

Develop a collections plan

Orchard development

Establish a maintenance fund
Establish an endowment plan
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