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Lincoln Logs––since 1916

-from Log Cabin News, Winter 1995

The Quarterly Newsletter of the Log Cabin Society of Michigan Abe Lincoln and log cabins––what would America be without either one? Lincoln was one of seven log cabin presidents of the 1800’s, our greatest president, and his birthplace has been the source of pride and inspiration for all Americans.

The Lincoln log cabins are an important part of the Christmas celebration, found under millions of Christmas trees since 1916.

It was John Wright, the son of Frank Lloyd Wright, who invented the Lincoln log cabin kits. He got the idea on a trip to Japan, where his father took him to watch the construction of his Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. As he saw the huge timbers put in place, he thought of inventing miniature log cabin kits for “little architects.”

In 1916 he began manufacturing and marketing the Lincoln Log Cabins

The kits are now sold exclusively by Playskool in Pawtucket, New Jersey. Styles have changed quite a bit. They are now much more simplified, designed for three year olds and up. Older models are greatly in demand by collectors…


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