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 Elizabeth Katz photos

New/old Farm photos were well documented

Elizabeth Campbell Katz, a cousin of the late Mary Campbell who was the last resident of Cobblestone Farm, has contributed a box of photographs and documents of both this historic property (see address panel of this issue) and of Stone School. Many will appear in this publication in the future.

Expertly documented and labeled, Katz’ treasures serve as an example to us all: label and date those treasures in your family photo alubms! The subjects and times of many of those crystal-clear snapshots will be lost by the next generation if you don’t let them know today who they are.

“When I worked at the Bentley Historical Library,” says a past employee of that UM treasure trove, “we were told to just throw away anything that was not documented.”

Follow Betty Katz’ good example and write names and dates on the back.

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