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A look into the Farm’s more recent history

Robert Clair Campbell kept lists. He took pictures. He kept a diary for much of his life. And much of that record was saved by his daughter, Mary, who sold the family farm to the City of Ann Arbor in 1974. The archives of the Cobblestone Farm Association are overflowing with memorabilia from the Campbell family––and from the Booth and Ticknor families who owned the farm before them.

Beginning with this issue of The Cobblestone Farm News, R.C. Campbell’s entire diary from 1929 will be featured. There is no doubt some readers will remember those days, but even more will see those days of three generations ago as ancient history.

Robert Clair Campbell left a record of farm life for others to examine

From R.C. Campbell’s diary, March 12, 1899: “Took a flashlight picture in kitchen in the evening. Anna Campbell visiting. Mother laid up with the grip.” Anna, his cousin, is on the left as sister Sarah (Sadie) holds a piece of cut apple out to the photographer who cleverly managed to include himself in the picture. He is holding a thread off camera which ignites flash powder in a pan timed to coincide with the exposure of the glass negative.

New insight into the Campbell family

Special thanks go to Judith Chrisman who discovered the R.C. Campbell diary at auction, to Cathy Meade who transcribed from the original and, especially to Robert C. Campbell who kept such a detailed record of life at Cobblestone Farm in 1929.

Only our readers’ inate nosiness will overcome the threat of blindness as we pour over the intimate details of another person’s life reduced to tiny 9-point type––and lack of white space will be forgiven, perhaps, in this instance. The diary reprint will be featured in each of CFA’s quarterly publications of 2006. Observations:

“R.C.C.” records life on the farm as Carrie, Mary, George and Willie “pull” wood, “drill” oats, and “draw” gravel. Mary, the last survivor of that Campbell family, died on July 1, 2005.

The family travels “up to A.A.” and “down to Ypsi” by “car” (street car), bus, and “the Reo.” Visitors “call” at the house. They travel to South Lyon, Sharon Township, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and even consider Florida.

Most holidays go by without mention, but there is a reference to “Xmas” two days afterwards. Family birthdays, past and present, are thoughtfully observed.

The Campbells spent winter nights reading the works of Hawthorne, Mark Twain, and the American novelist Winston Churchill, but not much reading goes on during the growing season.

George worked on radios for many people and the family listened to such events as the cross-country trip of the Graff Zepplin, UM football games, Detroit Tigers, and the opening of the Ambassador Bridge. Neighbors D.H. Ellsworth and Ed and Emil Nordman are still in the area, commemorated by nearby streets named for them.

The Stock Market is about to crash but, for now, the farm economy is stable. The editors would like to know what you think about this and other social implications in this year-long record. Are we just really nosy, or does reading R.C.C.’s diary truly tell us what we need to know about life at Cobblestone Farm?

The 1929 diary of Robert C. Campbell

Section 3, Pittsfield Township, Ann Arbor, MI

Telephone 706 F 11 • Make of automobile: Reo


1 The weather changed in the night. Today Nor Eastern is raging. Toward night it became colder. Sadie was up and we had a chicken dinner to celebrate the New Year.

2 Quite a cold day. We tended to our chores. Geo. went down to Ypsi to see about his school work for the coming year.

3 We started out earlier this morning as Geo. Had to take the car at about 7:15. His work comes in the forenoon. It warned up some. Some snow squalls in the afternoon. Mary and Marie walked down to the store to get some supplies.

4 (-4 degrees and clear) The coldest morning of the winter so far. The first auto to come into the yard this year was the Detroit News man; pd $1.10. We are reading Hawthorne’s House of Seven Gables.

5 (26 degrees and cloudy)Warmer today. East wind blowing. We put new auto license on. Rained a little. Caught some water as the cistern seems to be about played out.

6 Turning colder. There were some snow flakes after the rain. The snow and slush is frozen this morning.

7 [first line smudged] Mary and Marie started back to school after a 2 weeks vacation. Got a letter from (?) Louis containing several letters written to his father by grandfather Campbell. His sister Martha was buried Dec. 31.

8 (-2 degrees) Cold morning. Some wind started up about 10 a.m. but the temperature did not go up very fast.

9 Mild. Thawed some toward night. Went to A.A. and got supplies. Roads pretty good. Somewhat icey in town. A.A. full of autos as usual. Met Jennie (?) Seroica and her sister Florence. Saw Mrs. McCormick on the street.

10 (30 degrees) Some wind and growing a bit colder.

11 Marie Camp 9 years old today. Heard of the death of Mr. Charles Leveritt in Florida or Alabama. His funeral is to be held in Ypsilanti tomorrow.

12 Cold day. Went to A.A. on the car. Saw Pittsfield Treas. H.F. Georb. Taxes 716.19 pd. Dog tag $2. Gave 350.98 for the school dist. from back taxes. Dep. In National Bank.

13 (-2 degrees) Therm. got up no more than 0. A windy cold day. Heard of the death of S.A. Morgan. He has been poorly for some time.

14 (-4?) Willie found one of the horses dead this morning.

15 (4?) Mercury got up to 12 above but started down again promptly at sundown. It was a clear sunny day but cold. Mr. Morgan’s funeral was at 2:00 but we did not go. They are having quite a time with the (?) flu. The funeral was at the house.

16 (-6?) The temp. was down a little this morning but it started up some. Mabel called a minute at 2 p.m. She is starting for Florida by auto. The snow is rather deep and the weather pretty cold.

17 (24?) Started to thaw by noon. Got a ride to A.A. Served as Commissioner on W.J. Straith est. Saw Mr. Cushman and had some talk with him about things. Mr. Beckwith came in.

18 (24?) Thawed considerable. Misty. A lot of rain fell today. Most of the snow disappeared.

19 (24?) A big pond of water on the low ground. We had to make a detour to get to the barn. Went to A.A. on the car. Pd. Pittsfield tax est. $716.19 Pd. John Crane 11.90 for 28 psc. of coal.

20 Continued thawing, plenty of water about. Marie Camp went home today. She has been staying with us for some time. She was here Nov. 12.

21 [No entry]

22 It was a bad day. Mary came down on the car. Rain and snow. The car had trouble with their trollies at night.

23 Went down to Ypsi. Staid (sic) at Dr. Kellogg’s. Roads and walks very icey.

24 Quite cold. Staid (sic) at Dr. Kellogg’s last night. Worked out his annual report today. Came home on the 7 p.m. car.

25 (34?) Clear. Started in at 34 and fell to 18 by noon. Zero temperature promised for tonight. We went over to the Republican Caucus at the Town House at 7:30 p.m. The road was quite icey and the weather cold but we got around all right. Nine people turned out. Eight dele-gates were chosen. R.C.C., F.H. Ticknor, A.H. Sheninger, C.E. Deak, Mrs. Charles Roberts, Wm. Knight, A.L. Ferguson, D.F. Campbell.

26 Cold day. We did not get to town.

27 A little warmer. Sadie was up for a little while. Mary and I went to P.T.A. meeting. Mr. Collins gave a rather interesting account of his travels about the Mediterranean Sea.

28 Mary seems to have a little cold. Willie cleaning out the barn. He has fixed up a pair of bobs so he can go with one horse.

29 (10?) Willie is doing some work in the woods and driving some manure. The mercury got up as high as 18.

30 The weather remains cold––not extremes but tempera-ture averages below 20?.

31 Drove car to A.A. Road very icey. Mercury went up to 18––warmest for several days.


1 (8?) We are having steady winter weather. Willie is drawing [or driving] down some wood. Dr. Ferguson left some school orders. Ed Nordman was up a little while. John is in training as a conductor on the [?] D.U.R.

2 (12?) Steady cold weather. Our pumps at the barn gave out and caused us some troubles.

3 (13?) Our steady cold winter weather continues. Not above 16 today.

4 (0?) Got up to 18. Went to A.A. with Reo. Got a valve and plunger for barn from Hertlers.

5 (4?) Got up to 20 today. East wind threatens snow. Geo got the bulb for his charger. P.O. mail carries $5.42. Got a com-munication from Detroit Western.

6 (24?) Went to A.A. Attended Republican County Convention. Went up to Doc Ferguson’s in the evening. Mrs. Summers reported that Mrs. Frinkle’s brother was hurt and in Jackson Hospital. Some snow fell.

7 (22?) Mary at home today.

8 Mary did not have to go to school today.

9 George went down to Augusta. Mary rode with him as far as Ypsi. Called on Dr. Steere on this his 87th birthday.

10 (10?) Steady cold. Dr. Ferguson came down toward evening and we worked on a form for a program under the auspices of the Rural school officers.

11 (10?) We had a time starting the Reo. [?] Water did not drain out so there was some ice in radiator which stopped the circulation. Stopped on way to town and had to be towed in. Staebler folks towed in the car and thawed it out. There seemed to be no part-icular damage done. Pd. 1.70. Took school offices printing over to Meyers print shop.

12 (8?) Cold day. Did not go to town.

13 Steady cold. Frank McCalla brought over a check for $165 int. Went up to A.A. Took some printed matter over to the school commission-ers. Pd. $20 on school offices fund for 1200 programs and 700 postcards.

14 (12?) Nice day. Quiet. Got to 20. We went to town with the Reo.

15 (12?) Somewhat warmer.

16 Got up to 30 and actually thawed some in the sun. Sadie was up for a while.

17 [Entry on Feb 16 actually occurred on Feb. 17] Dr. Ferguson was down. We drew up some suggestions for changes in the constitution of the Rural School Officers Association.

18 (16?) Weather report is cold wave for tom-orrow. Bright and sunny but not warm. Willie draw manure and working in the south woods.

19 (16?) Cold day. We are promised cold for tomorrow. We are rereading The Crossing by Winston Churchill. [This is the American novelist. -cm]

20 (-22?) Twenty-two below zero is the low point for the winter thus far.

21 Geo. Drove out to Clinton to see about some of his radio affairs. In the evening [?] Mary and I went up to the opening of the First Ntl. Bank.

22 (6%) Cold but clear. Cars were off. Walked a ways then Frank Ticknor picked me up. Attended the meeting of the Rural School Officers at the assembly room of the University High School. Had the piano tuned.

23 Nice day. Geo. And [ ] went over to [ ] to attend John’s funeral. Quite a large no. were present. The day was fine and somewhat warmer.

24 We finished reading The Crossing by Winston Churchill.

25 Geo. Went to Augusta––He was delayed on the road and did not get back till late. Ed Norman helped us––we worked on the shed up at Powers. Thawing the snow rapidly.

26 Nice day. Carrie and I went to A.A. and got some bolts to fasten the side of chicken house we hope to move.

27 We worked on the chicken house up to Powers and got the skids under. Ed Nordman helped us. Geo. Took me up in the auto then he went to Augusta.

28 It was mild today. We need a ferry boat to get to the barn––There is a big pond in our way. The snow dispersed rather rapidly. Willie helped Ed Nordman saw wood for a while.


1 (26?) March starts in mild. Went down to Ypsi. Cashed gas coupons. Saw Sadie, Frank Lambie, Dan’s Andrew. Two gals. Gas .94.

2 (26?) Quite a fall of snow.

3 We finished reading The Prince and The Pauper by Mark Twain.

4 We heard the Inauguration ceremonies at Washington. Some of Mary’s school girl friends came down and listened for a while. Heard from Mr. Bush for the first time in quite a while. The big pond of water near the barn does not disappear so we have to make quite a circuit as we are getting our well water at the barn. We do not appreciate the pond much.

5 (26?) Froze some last night. A sunny bright day but with a particularly cold N.E. wind blowing.

6 (No entry)

7 A cold windy day. It was so disagreeable we did not go out much.

8 Geo. And I went over to the town house to attend the spring Republican Caucus. Supervisor, A.H. Heininger; Clerk, D.H. Ellsworth; Treas., Wm. Night; Jofp, Co. Thomas; Jofp vac., F.C. Hollis: Bd R, George Heininger; H.C., D.F. Campbell; H.O. F.C. Morgan; Rep. Com., D.H. Ellsworth, Arling Quick, Mrs. Chas Roberts, Mr. A.H.Heininger, Mrsy Edward [?] Huizel. Ed Nordman got some hay and oats.

9 A cold day. Cold and clear at night. Attended a board meeting at the school house in the evening.

10 10 degrees. Cold become somewhat warmer.

11 Nice sunny spring like day. It got up to 50. Carrie and I went to A.A. and got some supplies and the laundry.

12 (38?) West wind. Somewhat cloudy.

13 It was a warm nice day but threatened rain. Willie sawing up his wood pile.

14 Rain in the morning. But sunny in the afternoon.

15 Considerable rain. The frost seems to be out of the ground. The tele-phone man came out and fixed up our wires and reset the pace in front of our house. Went after Mary. It was pretty wet.

16 Ground covered with snow. Mary and I walked up to the school house and attended a meeting of the P.T.A. Summer discussed the problem of housing children during the coming year.

17 Nice day. Froze last night. Most of the snow thawed off during the day. Mrs. Mandeville brought Stone School students down the bags and got 1/2 bu. of potatoes. Mr. And Mrs. Chas Rose came over for a few minutes. Geo Burgan 27 today.

18 Sunny morning. Warmed up. Mr. Lord came in for a while. We had quite a visit. We talked over the school situation. Sadie dropped in for a while. We talked over things a little. She brought in my box key that I evidently left at the bank. The Thompkins Corners folks gave quite a program in the evening.

19 Sunny in the morning but began to rain in the afternoon.

20 We cut some wood. Ed Nordman came up with his buzz saw.

21 Carrie and I went to A.A. in the afternoon. Nice and warm. Got a hair cut. .50.

22 Considerable rain. Raw east wind. Ed Nordman come up and sawed the pile of wood in the yard. This finishes up our wood sawing for the present.

23 Went up and looked over school house with Ed Hieizal. We went to see Geo. McWilliams about doing some fixing up. Rain and thunder storm at night.

24 Raw east wind but not stormy.

25 Geo. did not have to go to school. He has a weeks’ vacation. Chars. McCulla sent down a ck. for cards on the estate mortgages.

26 Nice day. Ed Nordman took a load of our wheat down to the Ypsi Farm Elevator. Geo. and I burned off the east yard and cleared up the brush. Willie husking corn in the field.

27 Frost last night. Nice sunny morning. Wheat is beginning to look quite green. Went to A.A. Got some apples of Albert Stein. Left laundry and Geo. suit to clean and press.

28 Weather continues warm and nice. Geo went to South Lyon to see about some radio business. Reported he saw Allie and had a little visit with him.

29 Nice day. Not as warm. Took some eggs down to the store. Ella Thompkins Peters daughter Cordelia (15 mar. 14th) brother Jay Thompkins [?] 3-28 today and wife – called a little while in the afternoon. Heard about the folks in Jackson County.

30 Cloudy. Some rain last night.

31 Rain. We went down to Sadie’s for dinner.


1 Willie took me over to the Town House at 7 a.m. – served on the election board. It was a stormy bad day. Rain, snow and lots of wind. The Republican ticket was elected except treas. Frank Sutherland was elected again. George started back to school after a weeks vacation.

2 Ed Nordman brought us a load of chestnut coal. It is cold enough today – froze last night. Dan had [?] trucks. Got a load of stone and cement from the old shop foundation to fill a washout at Ticknors beside the big tile.

3 Nice warm day. Carrie and I went to A.A. and got some supplies. Willie husking corn. Geo went up to Leggs in the evening. We had a mess of parsnips for supper – though it has been cold they are starting to grow.

4 Dark this morning. Considerable thunder and lightning. Mercury got up to 64. Willie husking corn. The wheat and grain is beginning to show green. Mr. [?] Benge was out a few minutes. He has just got back from Florida and is quite sold on the situation. Mrs. May DeGrune called to see about the school.

5 Warm and cloudy.

6 The mercury went up to 78? - decidedly warm. Mr. Nelson of South Lyon was down with a radio to fix. Geo. got him fixed up all right.

7 Again the mercury reached 78?. We had to fight a fire in the north field. It reached the corner of the woods but we got it out before it got far.

8 Rained in the night. Somewhat cooler. Ed Nordman come up and we got our accounts fixed up. I owed him 13.50 and he owed me $16. – he paid the difference. Geo Will and I went up to the school house – the move to put up a new building was blocked.

9 Cooler today. Northeast wind and cloudy. Willie drew in corn from field. Geo. took Ed Bird over to the clerk to see about qualifying as constable. Merle Elsworth telephoned.

10 Cold. Had all the fires going again. Merle Ellsworth was down. We took her up in the evening. We had a blow-out on the way home.

11 Went to A.A. Got a new inner tube at M Love Co. $1.70. Frank Sutherland was over to fix tractor. They could not get the repair at the Ford Garage.

12 Frank Suth. was over and worked on the tractor. Willie and I went to A.A. and got some tractor repairs. [?] Plutt sent over some oil.

13 Warmer today. Carrie 58. Ed Nordman pd 7.75 oats. Ed Nordman got $7 worth of hay. Wm Spangler 50 oats, pd. $25.00. Chas Mc Calla adm. Oats 5 bu., Chas Mc Calla oats 150 bu. Geo goes to Meyers on radio work to settle for wheat at Farm Bureau.

14 Cold day. We read some about Russia. [last word smudged.]

15 Continued cold with some east wind. Went to A.A. pd. [?] for coal 20.63. Pd. Platt for tractor repairs 30.48. Pd Sears Roebuck & Co. $19.84 for two tires for Reo. Sent Anti-Saloon League $10. Ed Nordman doing some plow-ing. Hertlers brought out a horse for us to try and took the H—? Case we have had for over a year. Willie hitched up the new horse.

16 Cold. Willie ? rolled some Ed. Nordman’s plowing – some of the sandy spots. Staebler brought us out 50 gals kerosene 7.30. We finished out book on Russia.

17 Cold. Froze last night. Wind north and rather strong. Willie worked on his tractor.

18 Cold. Froze ice. Ed Nordman borrowed the drill and put in a little piece of oats.

19 Heavy freeze again last night. Willie planted some in the afternoon. We rolled some stubble and burned some stalks. Started to rain. We got our Sears Roebuck tires today.

20 Mary 14. Sadie 54. A decidedly wet day. We went to the store and took down 18 doz. Eggs @.25 - $4.50. Mary and Geo and I went to the P.T.A. meeting at night. Prof W.A. Henderson gave an address. At the election Mr. Rigg was reelected president.

21 No rain but a chilly east wind blowing. We went down and got Sadie and took her back at night.

22 Frost. Bright, sunny day. Darkies? Got some more stones for them? Hanselman was down. Ed Nordman was up and caught us up to date.

23 Frost. Bright sunny morning. Willie husking corn. Ed Nordman come after some shock corn. Hanselman get black dirt.

24 Cloudy and cool. Mr. Frinkes took the pupils of his room to the U of M woods. Took a load of them up and got them again at 3 p.m. Got 4 gals. Syrup that Carrie had ordered from the NY state. Exp. $1.47. Geo. Got a heavy shock from a short circuit down to the Normal. He does not feel at all well.

25 Somewhat threatening. Did rain some in the afternoon. We went to A.A. Pd. Telephone bill $2.00 Hertler for horse $75. got a draft for $9.00 for Irving L. Jones. .4 late sq % Geo. Is not feeling very well but went down to Ypsi to a meeting of his club.

26 Sunny and cool. Ground decidedly wet. Willie still husking. Pd 1 bu. Wheat 1.25.

27 Went down the store with 12 doz. Eggs. $3.00. Willie d— some rails and we stretched up some barb wire so fixed up the lower part of the lane so the cattle could pasture it off.

28 A cool day. We did not leave home.

29 Geo. Did not go to school today. Mary’s teacher was sick so she did not have to attend school. She and her mother went to A.A. Kit called in the afternoon, staid (sic) to supper and we took a t— in the evening. Road from Detroit Western New shock curbs.

30 Willie husking corn. Sadie was up in the afternoon. Rained again in the evening.


1 Rain at night and a thunder storm on us in the morning. Ed Nordman came up. Willie fixed up his Ford C— to use the sheller. They put through quite a bit of corn. Geo. Has not returned to school and Mary’s teacher is still ailing. Mary put out a few May baskets.

2 Mother’s birthday 1846. A cold wet morning. Rained all day. Went to A.A. Pd. electric bill 7.31. Cros. 2.27 + 1.82. Stormy night. Snow covered the ground at night.

3 Cold, snow blusters, Mary went to A. A. with the school to a kind of field day at the Yost Field House. Went to A.A. got some clutch plates for the tractor. $2.60. Mr. Binge called to talk over real estate a little. Mr. Nieson of South Lyon was in to see Geo. – radio business.

4 A little warmer. Some sunshine. Frank Sutherland came over to work on tractor. Weiner two bu. Oats $1.00. Wm Spangler who runs the farm owned by Jas McCulla, Est. got 100 bu. of oats – did not (—) for them but Chas McCulla spoke for them.

5 For a change we had one day without rain. A somewhat dimmer sunshine brightened things a bit. Sadie was up for a while in the afternoon.

6 Somewhat sunny this morning. Ground wet. We have not sowed an oat. – put in a bit of garden stuff.

7 We threshed clover seed and move a chicken house from Powers to our place. Chas. McCalla got 20 bu. Oats. Pd. Ed Nordman got 508 lbs of oats. A young man called to see about the school. An Ann Arbor man called to see about roofing. We had about 3 bu. Clover seed. Pd. John Sutherland $16. for threshing and mowing.

8 Clear and cool. Heavy front in the morning. We put in the day fixing fence around the north lot. Turned the cattle into the north field.

9 Cool and clear. Steve Smith came out to give the lawn a cutting. First time this year. Hanselman pd. $3.50 for dirt and sand.

10 Heavy white frost. Dr. H.E. Wright injected cattle for TB test. Picking up corn in the field.

11 We drove in some corn. Land still rather damp.

12 Cool. Sadie came up in the afternoon. She and Mary went to the woods for flowers.

13 Willie got his tractor to running. Worked upland on the hill. Hanselman got a load of hay $10=17 bu. 28 lbs. Of oats pd. $2.

14 Rain. Went to A.A. Had clover seed cleaned at Harris seed store $1.25. Willie got a few things for the tractor. Mama did some shopping. Frank Mc Calla got 20 bu. Of oats pd. 10=pd for 100 bu Left chicken crate. School Bd excp. Sussman met here to talk over teacher develop-ment. Wright oked cattle? GB list.

15 Warmer Cloudy.

16 Willie hunted out the rest of the corn in the field.

17 We picked up some corn and Mary and I burned the stalk piles.

18 Willie worked up the garden ground. Geo. Planted some peas and sweet corn. First planting done in this very late season. It began raining. We had to go over to the County house and bring back a stray heifer.

19 Cool all day. Mabel and Sadie were out to dinner. We turned the calf out of the barn. Mabel has been spending the winter in Florida and has just returned.

20 Heavy white frost. Wind east and cold. We’re plowing the corn stubble. First time he has been on the piece since April 19.

21 We worked on the oat ground today. Expect to be able to sow some tomorrow.

22 We sowed our first oats today – full month late. Geo. Helped clean and treat the oats for smut. Hanselman drew several loads of dirt in the afternoon.

23 It threatened rain but did not do much of it until night when we had quite a down-pour. Willie plowed considerable during the day.

24 We went over to Dan’s and borrowed part of his old tractor. Willie bought two pigs for $10. We went over in the evening and got them. Went up to the school house with Mary to attend the closing exercises. Prof. Lyman of Ypsilanti spoke.

25 Warmer today.

26 Mr. And Mrs. Struthers were out to dinner. Sadie was up. Nice day.

27 Went out to sow oats and got rained off. We got soaked.

18 Went to A.A. and got a suit of clothes and a pair of shoes. Left auto at Staeblers to be looked over. Went to Detroit on the st. car to attend a meeting of the Detroit Western Mining Co at the Book Cadillac Hotel. Came back on the 11:15 p.m. car.

29 We cleaned up some oats and put a few in.

30 Sowed oats about all day. Willie fiddling with tractor but having a hard time keeping it running.

31 Finished sowing oats – the latest ever. Willie’s old tractor seemed to be about played out. Hot today.


1 Cool. Geo. Finishing up school census.

2 Cool day. Carrie’s Uncle Will Reed and his wife, Allie Reed, and baby Mabel came out. Old Reo wouldn’t go so she went back on the street car. She does not have a car of her own right now.

3 Cool. Willie tried to start his old tractor but it wouldn’t puff.

4 Willie ?fitting some corn ground with the team and the tractor? Dist. Cool. Cut some burdock and thistles in the oats.

5 Continued cool. Sowed some seed corn. Got a letter from Ellsworth.

6 We planted our first potatoes today, also some beans. Never before have we been so behind with our potato planting. Ed Nordman pd. $3 – boulders $2. Geo. Did not get home till late owing to a picnic of the Math Club.

7 (5) NE wind. Planted some beans. Dogs got into Ed Hertzel’s sheep. Looked over flock. Allowed $30 damages. Ed Nordman got some wheat and oats. A cold NE wind blowing all day. Wrote a line to Ellsworth.

8 Cool. Clear wind still NE.

9 A nice June day. We went down to Sadie’s to dinner and enjoyed a very nice day.

10 Warmer today. Ed Nordman was up and did some plowing for us. Wheat 1.25 Oat 10. d 10 gas 1.97.

11 Planted some potatoes on the sand patch. Ed Nordman settled for wheat and oats. Work 3.50. Cash bal. 6.50. Wm Spangler sent 1250 (or 12.50) to pay for oats. Went to Ypsi and got Mary who had been making a visit to the dentist.

12 Rain this morning. Much needed as it has become very dry. Went to A.A. and attended a meeting of the Pioneer Society. The last one probably that will ever be held. A new organization, The Historical Society, will take its place. The Camp girls were down and had a picnic with Mary.

13 Went to A.A. Met part of the class of ’94 going on a tour of inspection of the Law Quad and the Clements Library. J.R. Nelson took the lead and Harry Clark and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Mc-Clumpf of Petersburg were in the party. Had evening meal at the Union Bldg.

14 Put in part of the day in A.A. attending a ball game between U of M and Mich. State. Rode down with J.C. Moore and fam. Of Indian-apolis. Had quite a long talk with a ’94 man from Tuson (sic), Ariz.

<[>15 Spent most of the day at A.A. – attended alumni luncheon at gym with ’94 party. Went through the new museum, the architectural bldg. Had evening meal at Huron Hills Club. French was knocked down by an auto and hurt some.

16 Rather muggy and close. The rains have caused the late oats to show up.

17 We planted the low ground to sweet corn. Most of it to Country Gentleman.

18 Geo. 24 today. He went out to Clinton. Sadie was up. Had strawberries from our own patch for supper.

19 Billie Lambie 70 today. 28th wedding anniversary.

20 Planted some potatoes – the last planting on the north side of the low ground. Willie started the mower.

21 Took 29 chickens to A.A. Getting the tings out of the barn. Willie mowing a piece of daisies – cutting (smudged). Wm Reed who was here June 3 died at South Lyon.

22 Cool in the morning.

23 We put in most of the day reading.

24 Went to South Lyon to attend funeral of Wm. Reed, Carrie’s uncle. The day was pleasant.

25 We tinkered about at odd jobs. Ed Nordman was up and helped the boys shell corn.

26 Will 70 today. Mary and I went to A.A. Starter on car was off. We had it fixed. Willie cutting daisies. Hoed some corn.

27 Heavy thunder storm last night. Clear this morning.

28 Geo. Went out to Clinton and took out the radio he put in last Dec. but for which he has been unable to collect pay. Hoed some sweet corn. Cut some weeds.

29 The boys cultivated the garden stuff and put in one load of hay. The beans have made a good start. Hoed quite a lot. Fixed (rest of sentence is smudged)

30 Weimer boy came down to get some wheat and oats. Jim Smith made a call. Haven’t seen him for 40 years or there abouts. Lots of rain last night – thunder and lightning.



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