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 There was plenty of work to be done

There was plenty of work to be done

Handyman’s special” in a Realtor’s ad often means there’s lots of renovation work ahead. Did Cobblestoners know what they were getting into when the moved that old Willis log cabin to this site?

In July 1985, preservation architect Richard Macias, then a vice president of Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, Inc., submitted a study of the log cabin with the above drawing and the following recommendations. There was lots of work ahead for the folks at Cobblestone Farm.

1. Rebuild doors (2) and frames to more appropriate rough-sawn plank and battens style. Replace hardware.

2. Replace window framing with 1 X 3 rough-sawn lumber, interior and exterior. All pegged fasteners––no nails.

3. Remove plywood and any inappropriate framing. Install window to match others and frame with rough-sawn 1 X 3 material.

4. Replace areas of existing logs to remove deterioration. Finish exposed areas to match.

5. Apply preservative––cure rot epoxy bond or equal to areas of soft wood. Seal wood.

6. Remove lettering.

7. Repair existing stairs.

8. Remove and replace gable ends on interior to more appropriate construction including framing and sheathing. All pegged fasteners, no nails.

9. Remove interior partition walls.

10. Install wooden floor over vapor barrier and sleepers. Rough-sawn oak, pegged.

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